Wicked Thoughts

In a time of countless followers, likers, sharers, endorsers, friends, subscribers and viewers, we feel as if we are the King of the world.

Only sometimes.. Or maybe much more often, our lives can feel quite lonely and aimless. Our digital connection is a contradiction that does not require an explanation. The world is rising in its 5th gear; standing still feels as going backwards. We have so many questions to defy. Who am I? Am I who I wanted to be? Who exactly are my friends now? Am I the only one under stress, burnouts and panic attacks? Is sex, drugs & rock ’n roll then really the only thing where I get my fun out of?

Good questions, join the club.


to create a more beautiful world

At Wicked Grounds we thought it was the right time to give something back to our generation. Time to make the world – and Amsterdam in particular – a bit more beautiful. And Wicked Thoughts was a fact. For us a dream come true.

After 2.5 years of struggling to pay our bills, we invite you to the 11th edition of Wicked Thoughts. We will try to answer these questions in the upcoming editions. This evening is all about connecting, stimulating, inspiring, laughing, touching, silence and music. Wicked Thoughts will bring you new thoughts and help you revive old thoughts, resulting in the first step towards a more meaningful and conscious life or a confirmation that you are walking on the right path. A meeting for wonderful souls.

Wicked Thoughts x Inner.Space: Kickstart 2020

Was 2019 not your year? Then it is time for change! In 2020 no more distractions and diversions anymore. We are going to go straight for our goal to create exactly what we really want. A live of freedom, challenge, love and purity. Janosh invites you to the Kickstart or in other words: counting down to your launch to real happiness. Are you in?

✫ Doors open: 19:30
✫ Start event: 20:00
✫ Address: Wicked Grounds (The Warehouse)
✫ Tickets: https://eventix.shop/qyw9vx8t
✫ Estimated end: 22:30
✫ This event includes drinks & bites.

Wicked Thoughts #13

The number thirteen is found in the harmony of the earth’s cycles, moon cycles, women’s cycles, and in the cosmic order of the universe. It is interesting to note that for hundreds, if not thousands of years, this number has been made out to be “unlucky”.
Fear of the number 13 is also clearly the fear of the divine Goddess and women which resulted in the Christian vilification of this trinity: The Goddess, Women and the number 13. This world wide fear has crept up to the present moment in time, but many are seeing through the veneer of fear into the sacred reality and origins of the number 13. Rock on 13, we love you!
Lucas Dols – Sounds of Change
Erica Jago – Pain as a Catalyst
✫ Location: Wicked Grounds
✫ Adress: Generaal Vetterstraat 55 Amsterdam
✫ Date: January 29
✫ Tickets: https://eventix.shop/qyw9vx8t
✫ Doors open: 19:30
✫ Estimated end: 22:30
This event includes drinks & bites.
Climate Tribe by Wicked Thoughts

An annual fundraising to raise awareness and money for the Amazon and her indigenous tribes.


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