You are what and how you eat! 

Slow down.

Pay attention. 

Be grateful for every bite!

No time to waste

to stop

food waste!

More than 4000 guests
have learned and enjoyed the
Right Dining Experience in 2022!

Thanks to them the future is already a better place to be!

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Right dining

Two years ago, we asked ourselves: can we bring taste, health and sustainability together in one full-service, high quality catering concept? Our answer: a big, wholeheartedly, YES.

Forward-thinking catering solutions are needed now more than ever. Our planet’s under pressure and our food system is wasteful. 1.6 billion tons of food is thrown out every year. That’s why we teamed up with vegan chef and nutritionist Karoly Toth to develop a delicious, waste minimizing menu. Full of artisanal foods that look beautiful and taste even better. Local, organic ingredients that make you feel nurtured, but are also good for the Earth. All of it presented with style and sophistication, and with service that’s of the highest standards.

What you need to know about our meals:

  • they’re 99% plantbased
  • locally sourced, handpicked, organic ingredients
  • non-local products from traceable and conscious sources
  • we use ancient and modern food preservation techniques
  • we serve nutritionally balanced portions

Our menu changes daily, depending on seasonal availability, but is always whole food plant-based. It will leave you satisfied but still ready to tackle some work. From a nutritious breakfast and tasty snacks for a brainstorm to an amazing lunch or a 5-course private dinner. When you’re looking for a one-stop shop for delicious, sustainable catering – Wicked Grounds is here for you. We believe our food choices can have a positive impact on the environment and society. Eat well, feel good!